The Melex caravan model after a facelift!


The design of the 469 N.CLASSIC on the one hand refers to the first models produced for 50 years, on the other hand it emphasizes the modernity of the solutions used.

In addition to advanced technological solutions, aesthetic values ​​are very important in an electric vehicle. With its customers in mind, Melex is constantly working on improving the appearance and functionality of the hearse. In cooperation with a professional design studio, the rear part of the vehicle was subjected to a facelift.

The canopy, which until now consisted of two elements, has been extended and constitutes a whole. The high-quality buildings are equipped with practical handles that can be freely attached depending on the size of the rim. The side rails have been elongated and placed at such a height that the bunches will not damage the bodywork. Other amenities in the model include a handle for carrying a cross, as well as rails on the roof and non-slip lining, so you can carry more bunches comfortably.

The multi-link suspension significantly improves the comfort of work and the maneuverability of the vehicle. The speed limiter switch allows you to move smoothly even at a very slow pace. Thanks to the on-board charger, the battery can be charged from any electrical outlet.

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