OMEGA 4/2019

12 November 2019

Let’s listen to each other with patience and attention. That is the message that comes from the conversations we have had for this issue of the “OMEGA. Idea Book for funeral industry” magazine.

We have spoken to Claire and David Barington, among others, who run a funeral home in Liverpool, whose concept is based on listening to customers’ needs. Monika Gołdzińska and Paweł Gołdziński, owners of artistic brands such as Crafts Urn premium urns, also emphasize the importance of conversations with customers. Observing the dynamic development of the market for luxury goods and services in other industries, they also see the potential for the funeral industry. This October, the first and until now the only nationwide telephone hotline for funeral services, was launched. The project inspired by empathy is getting its first supporters – the customers find it convenient, whilst entrepreneurs consider it a means of staying ahead of the competition. If you want to fully understand the advantages of unifying the industry, we invite you to read the interview with Beata Winsze, President of the Management Board of AMNO – Grupa Pogotowie Pogrzebowe.

Do you feel that marketing in the funeral industry does not work? We cannot agree with you! Read an article based on a case study analysis please. It will be both a warning and an incentive to take marketing actions ‘at the right time’. In the FUNERAL MARKETING section we will try to convince you that the website of a funeral home or crematorium does not have to be just a sad business card, but it can be a tool for educating potential customers and a place where memories are celebrated.

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition? Don’t miss the right moment – from 22 to 23 November 2019, entrepreneurs who want to know more and sooner than others will attend the FUNERAL FORUM (www.funeralforum.pl) in Poznań. Join them – reach for inspiration and take the opportunity to establish business relations.