OMEGA 3/2019

30 August 2019

Over the past decades, the attitudes towards funeral ceremonies have changed. Practices have evolved along with general social changes. We have moved from we to I. Today things are different. Death has become a part of life, it blended in with it somehow and became commonplace. We invite you to read the latest issue of the OMEGA. Idea Book for the funeral industry magazine.

We look at modern products and funeral services in the TREND BOOK section. We are also delighted with the concept of the modern Funeral Ceremonies Center designed by the Dutch architectural office HofmanDujardin. Its concept engages the senses, promotes celebrations and remembering the life of the deceased.

In the FUNERAL MARKETING section we explore fragrance marketing. Contrary to the popular belief, fragrance is an important non-verbal element of branding. It always stirs emotions and generates some response, be it approval or disgust. Smell has power – we encourage you to use it!

Nowadays 73% of Poles use the Internet in various aspects of their lives. Therefore, when planning marketing activities, this medium must not be ignored. We are starting a series of guidance articles about best practices in promoting funeral homes online. At the same time, we are also drawing attention to any attempts of data fraud.

What are your plans for November? November 22 & 23 is when we hope to meet you in Poznań at the third edition of the training and conference session FUNERAL FORUM (www.funeralforum.pl). Check the following pages of the magazine to see what topics will be covered by the invited experts and partners. Join the leaders and develop yourselves!