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Ladies and Gentlemen!

When you hold this Omega number in your hands, a very important date for the funeral industry is approaching in the calendar.

On April 18-19, 2023, the OMEGA FUNERAL FORUM will take place in Poznań. I am happy to announce that the honorary patronage over the 4th OMEGA FUNERAL FORUM conference was taken by Wojciech Labuda - Plenipotentiary of the Prime Minister for the reform of administrative regulations related to the natural movement of the population and the protection of memorial sites.

OMEGA FUNERAL FORUM is the fourth edition of creative meetings and workshops for funeral industry professionals organized by Grupa MTP. During the event, you will receive a solid portion of practical knowledge enriched with workshops, ready to be implemented in everyday activities. It is also a unique opportunity to not only train and gain knowledge for two days, but also to build relationships and strengthen the existing ones. There is nothing better in business than face-to-face meetings.

We invite funeral entrepreneurs who want to stay ahead of the competition, know in advance where the industry is heading and feel the need to strengthen their competences related to marketing, sales and communication. OMEGA FUNERAL FORUM will be held in the extremely modern congress and exhibition space of the Poznań Congress Center, which has excellent infrastructure. Grupa MTP is the leader of the event industry in Poland. He has extensive experience in organizing fairs, congresses, conferences and other events for the B2B sector. Professional organizational facilities guarantee the preparation of the event at a high substantive and logistical level.

See you!
Klaudyna Bogurska-Matys

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