Do not miss the latest issue of OMEGA magazine! Here you will find a dose of inspiration and a special supplement - Visitor’s Guide for MEMENTO Poznań 2018, which contains useful information such as the catalog of exhibitors, descriptions of the latest products, exhibition plan, practical information and the program.

The TREND BOOK section of this issue presents the nature of the cultural, social, technological and economic changes which are taking place in our daily lives and which certainly have an impact upon the funeral industry - funeral products and services and the characteristics of modern necropolises. Economic nomadism, transfer of relations to the digital world, as well as weaker commitment to tradition, result in completely new customer expectations. Digital cemeteries, placing memories of the deceased in the ‘cloud’, cremations where a tree is planted above the urn, are no longer shocking. These are new forms of remembrance of the deceased in the postmodern world. No matter how much Poland seems to be a country with conservative values and dedication to tradition, the new generation brings new challenges.

The apparel of a funeral home employee is one of the attributes of the brand. It is not worth taking it for granted because the way employees look is what proves the company, as well as the quality of services. Does it always mean wearing a uniform? Not necessarily. It is worth paying more attention to the employees as they have a lot of potential; read more on how to discover it and make use of it in the FUNERAL MARKETING section. Efficient internal communication, setting standards, introduction of manuals for specific situations, trainings, incentives systems and talks with the staff can lead to new ideas and an increase in sales figures.

We look forward to meet you during the funeral fair in Poznań.

See you at stand 60 at MEMENTO Poznań!