In uncertain times anything is possible. The confusion caused by the pandemic affects not only the condition of many businesses but also the customers. How to function in these volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times? We are looking for answers to this question in this issue.

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Our analysis shows that the focus should be on people - ourselves, our employees and customers. That is why we devote a lot of attention to creating buyer persona and emphasize how important it is to know the needs of customers and to meet their expectations. It may happen that a customer wants to get involved in the creation of a product or service – is it worth refusing? We show that from such cooperation an extraordinary product or service and an exceptional relationship are born. Trust, credibility, transparency are the currency of the future.

In this issue we introduce a new section: EMPLOYEES MANAGEMENT, in which we will step by step introduce good practices in efficient company management, especially employee management. We will address such issues as recruitment of employees, their motivation and accounting, care for competence development or dealing with professional burnout. We will make sure that each text in this section provides a bit of knowledge, inspiration and practical tips for use in everyday work. We start the series of articles with the theme of Mission and Vision, which define business activity. and without them it is difficult to develop the company in the long run.

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