Change is an indispensable element of any development. So it changes management over the editorial board of the magazine, but not the magazine itself. I would like it to continue to be a source of inspiration for you, to provide you with expertise on the funeral market and to drive you to develop, and that's how this release was conceived. We have included articles in the field of team based management with values that are extremely important in the contact with the affected customer loss. But how to identify the most important of them and how to check whether what is close to the owner of the funeral home has the same importance for its employees? We advise you on how to verify it!

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The only thing that is certain in life is… death, taxes and… change. Change is always associated with anxiety and uncertainty about stepping out of your comfort zone. Trends researcher, prof. Amy Webb says that fear and uncertainty are best turned into curiosity, because exploring can result in new experiences and skills useful in the so-called "new normal" world.

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