The present is buzzing under the influence of emotions, it is unstable, it is polarizing. It is worth staying calm and sober of mind. Focus on what we can do and do the best we can and can, at this particular moment. In this issue, we mobilize you to focus on defining values and guiding them in everyday life and in company management. In times of uncertainty, we believe values are a reliable compass for personal and business decisions.

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In uncertain times, anything is possible. The confusion caused by the pandemic has its mark not only on the condition of many businesses, but also on the needs and capabilities of customers. How to function in these uncertain, changing, complex and ambiguous times? We are looking for an answer to this question in this issue. Don't wait - check it out!

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We are all going through a quick course of coping with a new, unprecedented situation. Change is happening in almost all categories of life and business. What new order will emerge from this chaos, will it affect the funeral industry and how? Will funeral homes become more interactive or maybe we will return to forgotten traditions? We are looking for answers to these questions in this issue of the magazine. In our opinion, quick and flexible response to changing conditions, taking the initiative, thinking outside the box and entrepreneurship are now key.

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Our appetite for new funeral products and services continues. We are happy to welcome new initiatives, we look at them with interest and present them to you in the magazine. We inspire the funeral industry internationally again - for the second time we were chosen the media partner of the TANEXPO funeral fair in Bologna - that is why this magazine is bilingual. In this issue, we turn our attention to mourning. We present you a new profession on the Polish market - a mourning companion who can bring a new quality to the standard offer of a funeral home.

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