Let us listen to each other patiently and carefully. This is the message from the interviews we did for this issue of the magazine. We talk, among others with Claire and David Barington running a funeral home in Liverpol whose concept grew from listening to the needs of the customers. Monika Gołdzińska and Paweł Gołdziński, owners of the artistic premium Crafts Urn brand, also emphasize the importance of the conversation with the client.

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Over the past decades, the perception of funeral ceremonies has changed. Habits have evolved with general social changes. From "we" to "me". Death is part of life. It blends with it. It becomes everyday. We write about modern funeral products and services in the TREND BOOK section. We are also delighted with the concept of a modern Center for Funeral Ceremonies designed by the Dutch architectural studio Hofman Dujardin. The concept of this place engages the senses, promotes the celebration and commemoration of the life of the deceased.

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All companies operate in a specific environment. Funeral directors most often operate on the local or regional market. Interaction with the local community is therefore naturally embedded in their DNA. How to implement good pro-ecological practices and have a positive impact on the local community? In the TREND BOOK section, we convince you that it is worth following the trend of caring for the natural environment and the well-being of the local community. Recently, such an attitude has become an important competitive factor in the services market.

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Have you noticed that there is a lot going on in the Polish funeral market, that there has been an accelerated shift towards the implementation of information technology and products and services focusing on the emotions associated with mourning? Find inspiration in the latest issue of OMEGA Magazine! In the TREND BOOK section, we show not only interesting products and services found during the MEMENTO fair in Poznań, we also present the projects of four students of the Academy of Art in Szczecin.

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