In this issue, in the TREND BOOK section, we present the nature of the cultural, social, technological and economic changes that take place in our everyday life and certainly also affect the funeral industry - funeral products and services as well as the nature of contemporary necropolises. Economic nomadism, the transfer of relationships to the digital world, as well as less attachment to tradition, result in completely new customer expectations.

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Everything starts with the words "I want", "I can", "I can". Find out about it by reading the latest issue of the magazine. If you want to be successful on the market, we recommend a two-pronged action: on the one hand, responding to customers' needs, and on the other - creating their experiences related to the brand. How to do it? Step one - look at your business through the eyes of those who use the product or service. It is not easy, but it is definitely worth it.

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You will learn from it in which directions the European funeral industry will go and what changes the GDPR in the daily activities of your company. The trends are best seen during the fairs. Recently, we had the opportunity to observe new funeral products and services during the TANEXPO fair in Bologna and the BEFA Forum in Düsseldorf. In the TREND BOOK section, we present the leading trends in the development of the funeral industry and an overview of interesting products and services.

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We place the buyer of funeral products and services in the center of our attention. We write about contemporary types of funeral home customers, their needs and preferences, we analyze the Polish market and contemporary funeral ceremonies, we present interesting Polish funeral products, we reflect on what is important in the marketing communication of funeral homes.

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